Whidbey Audubon: the Founding

These are the minutes from the founding meeting of the chapter. They are presented verbatim, except that the addresses and telephone numbers have been deleted. Note that Hazel Wolf represented the Seattle chapter. She was a major organizing influence and her life is described briefly here.

Audubon Society Meeting


Members of the Seattle Audubon Society living on Whidbey Island met at the home of Horace and Mary Bradt. Present were Richard Martyr of the Northwest Regional Office of Audubon, and Hazel Wolfe of Seattle chapter, both of whom initiated the meeting for the purpose of forming a new Audubon Soc. chapter on Whidbey Island.

Martyr opened the meeting with a brief history of the Audubon Society. He then introduced Hazel Wolfe, who explained the procedure involved in forming a new chapter. Martyr was also helpful in explaining the duties of the various officers and chairmen of committees. It was stated that 35 new memberships are necessary to form a new chapter. Membership meetings do not have to occur every month. It is up to the local board. National office would keep the books for us. Presently, there are 56 members on Whidbey Island. Whidbey would have its own constitution and by-laws and officers, separate from the NAS.

Further requirements: Six membership meetings per year, six board meetings, and six newsletters per year. Must accomplish four of twenty suggested activities.

New members would send dues directly to Martyr at Sacramento office, 555 Audubon Place, Sacramento 95825. Family membership dues covers two people.

Following people volunteered to form a tentative board:

ChairmanVincent Hagel
MembershipTracy Hagel
Programs Arlie Ostling
Secretary Merle Segault
Publicity Ronald Macdonald
Conservation Roger Allin
Field Trips KC and Dorothea Jones
Education Jack McPherson
Treasurer Connie Allin
Historian Judy MacDonald
Newsletter Merle Segault

Plans were made for a January membership meeting open to the public, with a program. One of the regional officers would be present to help. Board meeting to be held on Nov. 4, at 7:30 p.m. at home of Merle and Bob Segault to plan the Nov. 12th agenda and further organize the chapter. Nov. 12th meeting will be at Arlie G. Ostlings' in Coupeville.

Nineteen members besides Martyr and Wolfe were present.

Respectfully submitted,
Merle Segault
Acting Secretary