Whidbey Audubon Society - Education Committee

Start'em Young, say Whidbey Audubon Educators

As teaching professionals, the Whidbey Audubon Education Committee members understand that youngsters have a native curiosity about the natural world.

Kathy Stella, Jenny Brown, Renee Smith, and Vicki Waterman feed that curiosity by showing young students the wildlife that live on Whidbey.  Although they mainly work with students in the early grades, they also pursue the subject with students in higher grades, always pushing environmental awareness.  Often they can present specialized material in the schools to enhance the curriculum, drawing on their own knowledge and material they acquire from other local members and from other Audubon chapters.  This year they made over thirty presentations.

Some of the work they do relates to the Maxwelton Outdoor Classroom, operated by the Whidbey Watershed Stewards.  In the Coupeville area, they work with the Au Sable Institute on Project Bluebird, a Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife project.  To encourage western bluebirds to return to Whidbey and to learn scientific methodology at the same time, the participants study prairie habitat, build and install nesting boxes, and keep records on new inhabitants.

In April, Whidbey Audbon held a party to celebrate its first twenty-five years.  Oak Harbor youngsters, working with the Education Committee, contributed artwork for a gallery exhibit much appreciated by the guests.

The team is keeping an eye out for new opportunities for keeping the community up-to-date on Whidbey's habitat conditions.  You'll run into the members at any of the local festivals.  Stop and say hello.

Students watching the presentation at Freeland Library with their parents
Jenny Brown and Kathy Stella presenting at Freeland Library
Students listening to bird calls
Nicolas Martinez and artwork
Raven Winter and artwork
Ethan Jovich and artwork