Deer Lagoon

Deer Lagoon is located on Useless Bay (so-called because the water is too shallow for boats), about two miles east of Freeland, to the south of Hwy 525. By variety it is perhaps the richest habitat on the island for ducks and wading birds.

There are two common entry points. Parking is very limited and visitors should be especially careful to park clear of traffic and to respect the privacy of local residents.

Access Point A is at the south end of Deer Lagoon Road, where a trail continues south to the lagoon.

Access Point B is on Sunlight Beach Road. Park at the county-owned access on the south side between house numbers 2440 and 2436. Walk back past several houses and look for an access to the dike on the north side, between houses. Of the two access points, this one has the least parking space.