Birds of Whidbey Island

This is a field checklist for Whidbey Island bird species. Enjoy the varied habitats on our beautiful island!

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This is a field check list for Whidbey Island bird species.  Enjoy the varied habitats on our beautiful island!

Spr - March-May
Sum - June-August
Aut - September-November
Wtr - December-February
C - Common: Usually seen in proper habitat.
U - Uncommon: (1) Seen regularly in small numbers, or (2) Present, not certain to be seen.
O - Occasional: (1) Irregular occurrence, or (2) Seen only a few times a season.
R - Rare: (1) Rarely seen, or (2) Seen at intervals of 2-5 years.
I - Irruptive: Population varies widely in some years.
A - Accidental: Seen less than 5 times.
* - Known to nest on the island.
P - Possible: Adults found in proper habitat during breeding season.
November 2016 printing

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Greater White-fronted GooseOAOR(1)
Snow GooseRRR(1)
Cackling GooseOOO
Canada GooseCCCC*(1)
Trumpeter SwanOAUO(1)
Tundra SwanOOO(1)
Wood DuckUUU*(1)
Eurasian WigeonOOO(1)
American WigeonCOCC*(1)
Blue-winged TealUOO*(1)
Cinnamon TealUUO*(1)
Northern ShovelerCOUC*(1)
Northern PintailCUCC*(1)
Green-winged TealCUCC*(1)
Ring-necked DuckUAUU(1)
Greater ScaupCRCC(1)
Lesser ScaupCOCC*(1)
Harlequin DuckCUCC(1)
Surf ScoterCCCC(1)
White-winged ScoterCUCC(1)
Black ScoterOROC
Long-tailed DuckOOOC
Common GoldeneyeCACC(1)
Barrow's GoldeneyeCCC(1)
Hooded MerganserUOUU*(1)
Common MerganserUAOU
Red-breasted MerganserCRCC(1)
Ruddy DuckCUCC*(1)
California QuailCCCC*(1)
Ring-necked PheasantUUUU*(1)
Red-throated LoonCOCC
Pacific LoonCUCC(1)
Common LoonCUCC(1)
Yellow-billed LoonRARR
Pied-billed GrebeUUUU*(1)
Horned GrebeCOCC(1)
Red-necked GrebeCOCC(1)
Eared GrebeURUU(1)
Western GrebeCOCC(1)
Clark's Grebe OOO
Brandt's CormorantUOUC(1)
Pelagic CormorantCUCC(1)
Double-crested CormorantCCCC*(1)
American White Pelican III
Brown Pelican AA
American BitternUUU*(1)
Great Blue HeronCCCC*(1)
Great EgretAR(1)
Green HeronRARR(1)
Turkey VultureUOU(1)
Golden EagleOOOO
Northern HarrierCCCC*(1)
Sharp-shinned HawkURUU*(1)
Cooper's HawkUUUU*(1)
Northern GoshawkOOR
Bald EagleCCCC*(1)
Red-tailed HawkCCCC*(1)
Rough-legged HawkOUU(1)
Virginia RailUUUO*(1)
American CootCCCC*(1)
American AvocetAA*
Black OystercatcherUUUC(1)
Black-bellied PloverOOUU(1)
American Golden-PloverO
Pacific Golden-PloverO
Semipalmated PloverOOU
Long-billed CurlewOOO(1)
Marbled GodwitR(1)
Ruddy TurnstoneOOOR(1)
Black TurnstoneCOCC(1)
Red KnotA
Sharp-tailed SandpiperAR
Stilt SandpiperO
Rock SandpiperOOO
Baird's SandpiperOOO
Least SandpiperCCC(1)
Pectoral SandpiperOOO(1)
Semipalmated SandpiperRUU
Western SandpiperCCCU(1)
Short-billed DowitcherOCC(1)
Long-billed DowitcherOCCR(1)
Wilson's SnipeUUU*
Wilson's PhalaropeO(1)
Red-necked PhalaropeOU(1)
Spotted SandpiperUOUR(1)
Solitary SandpiperRRR
Greater YellowlegsCUCU(1)
Lesser YellowlegsUUU(1)
Parasitic JaegerARO
Common MurreUUUU(1)
Pigeon GuillemotCCCC*(1)
Marbled MurreletUUUU(1)
Ancient MurreletAOR
Rhinoceros AukletCCCC(1)
Tufted PuffinR
Bonaparte's GullCUCU(1)
Franklin's GullRO
Heermann's GullCCA(1)
Mew GullCUCC(1)
Ring-billed GullCUCC(1)
Western GullRRRR(1)
California GullOCCR(1)
Herring GullUAOU
Thayer's GullUUU
Glaucous-winged GullUUUU*(1)
GWxWestern Gull (hybrid)CCCC*
Glaucous GullRRR
Caspian TernCUCP(1)
Common TernRRO
Rock PigeonCCCC*(1)
Band-tailed PigeonUUUO*(1)
Eurasian Collared-DoveCCCC*
Mourning DoveCCCU*(1)
Barn OwlUUUO*
Western Screech-OwlRRRRP
Great Horned OwlCCCC*(1)
Snowy OwlII(1)
Northern Pygmy-OwlRRRR
Barred OwlCCCC*(3)
Short-eared OwlURUUP(1)
Northern Saw-whet OwlOOOO*
Common NighthawkUUP
Black SwiftRRA
Vaux's SwiftROR
Anna's HummingbirdCCCC*(1)
Rufous HummingbirdCCOR*(1)
Belted KingfisherCCCC*(1)
Red-breasted SapsuckerUUUU*(1)
Downy WoodpeckerCCCC*(1)
Hairy WoodpeckerCCCC*(1)
Northern FlickerCCCC*(1)
Pileated WoodpeckerUUUU*(1)
American KestrelOOOO*(1)
Peregrine FalconUUUUP(1)
Olive-sided FlycatcherUUU*(1)
Western Wood-PeweeRUUP(1)
Willow FlycatcherUUU*(1)
Hammond's FlycatcherOOO
Pacific-slope FlycatcherCCC*(1)
Western KingbirdOR(1)
Northern ShrikeOOO(1)
Hutton's VireoUUUU*
Cassin's VireoUUR*
Warbling VireoUUU*(1)
Red-eyed VireoRR
Steller's JayUUUU*(1)
American CrowCCCC*(1)
Common RavenUUUU*(1)
Horned LarkRO(1)
N. Rough-winged SwallowCCC*(1)
Purple MartinOOR*(1)
Tree SwallowCCU*(1)
Violet-green SwallowCCC*(1)
Bank SwallowAOO*(1)
Barn SwallowCCC*(1)
Cliff SwallowCCC*(1)
Black-capped ChickadeeCCCC*(1)
Chestnut-backed ChickadeeCCCC*(1)
Red-breasted NuthatchCCCC*(1)
Brown CreeperCCCC*(1)
House WrenUUUA*(1)
Pacific WrenCUCC*
Marsh WrenCCCU*(1)
Bewick's WrenUUUU*(1)
Golden-crowned KingletCUCC*(1)
Ruby-crowned KingletCCC(1)
Western BluebirdRRRA*
Mountain BluebirdRRA(1)
Townsend's SolitaireRRR(1)
Swainson's ThrushCCU*(1)
Hermit ThrushUAUO(1)
American RobinCCCC*(1)
Varied ThrushCRCCP(1)
European StarlingCCCC*(1)
American PipitOUR(1)
Bohemian WaxwingR
Cedar WaxwingCCCR*(2)
Lapland LongspurAO
Snow BuntingRR(1)
Orange-crowned WarblerCCUO*(1)
Nashville WarblerOR
MacGillivray's WarblerRR
Common YellowthroatCCC*(1)
Yellow WarblerCCU*(1)
Yellow-rumped WarblerCOCO*(1)
Black-throated Gray WarblerUUO*
Townsend's WarblerCUUR*(1)
Wilson's WarblerCCU*(1)
Chipping SparrowORR(1)
Fox SparrowCCC(1)
Dark-eyed JuncoCCCC*(1)
White-crowned SparrowCCCU*(1)
Golden-crowned SparrowCACC(1)
White-throated SparrowOAOO
Savannah SparrowCCCO*(1)
Song SparrowCCCC*(1)
Lincoln's SparrowUUO(1)
Spotted TowheeCCCC*(1)
Western TanagerUUU*(1)
Black-headed GrosbeakUUU*(1)
Red-winged BlackbirdCCCC*(1)
Western MeadowlarkURUUP(1)
Yellow-headed BlackbirdOOO*(1)
Brewer's BlackbirdCCCC*(1)
Brown-headed CowbirdCCCO*(1)
Bullock's OrioleOO*(1)
House FinchCCCC*(1)
Purple FinchUOOU*(1)
Red CrossbillUOUU*(1)
Pine SiskinIIII*(1)
American GoldfinchCCCO*(1)
Evening GrosbeakUROR*(1)
House SparrowCCCC*(1)
Photography Credits
(1) Photos by Craig Johnson
(2) Photos by Tom Ash
(3) Photos by Randy Foster

This list is published by
Whidbey Audubon Society
PO Box 1012
Oak Harbor, WA 98277
(November 2016)
To report sightings not included on this list, please call (360) 678-2264 or or contact us through the website.