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Whidbey Audubon Needs Help with Bird List

Summer Sightings Wanted.

Since we are revising the Whidbey Audubon Society Birds of Whidbey Checklist, we need Whidbey Island summer (June, July, August) sightings of Varied Thrush and Common Nighthawks. If you see either of these species, please send the information to my email listed below. Put Varied Thrush Sighting in the subject line. Include in the information how many individuals were seen and note any activity observed. We don't need a street address but a nearby street intersection, neighborhood or park location will do. Steve Ellis (special@whidbeyaudubon.org)

Reporter's name: Deb Stewart

Sighting Description: I was driving down Cultus Bay Rd when a large white bird in the marsh caught my attention. I had my camera and was able to pull over and get a couple of quick pics of a Trumpeter Swan. I know it's hard to keep track of time in 2020 but I'm pretty sure it is July. Someone tell this swan! Maybe I'm behind the curve and this is a known bird?

Location: Cultus Bay/French Rd Marsh

Date and time: 7/4/2020 12:00 PM

Photo Title: Trumpeter Swan

Comment submitted Jul 4, 2020

Reporter's name: Nancy Johnson

Sighting Description: 60-80 Great Blue Herons seen from Dugualla Bay Heights on the mud flats at low tide, both yesterday and today.

Location: Dugualla Bay Heights

Date and time: July 2 aand 3. Low tide.

Comment submitted Jul 3, 2020

Reporter's name: Dave Parent

Sighting Description: Not Whidbey, but close. I have seen a pair of Marbled Murrelets at the Mukilteo ferry landing every day this week. Most commonly on the south side of the dock. If anyone would like a nice closeup view.

Location: Mukilteo Ferry Dock

Date and time: 7/1/20 11am

Comment submitted Jul 1, 2020

Reporter's name: Ruth Scrivner

Sighting Description: (roughly counted) 200 Common Merganser in transitional plumage.

Location: Dugualla Bay west side

Date and time: June 28, 9am

Photo Title: common merganser

Comment submitted Jun 28, 2020

Reporter's name: Mary Jo Adams

Sighting Description: Black-billed magpie seen at NAS Whidbey at about 1 pm today. According to eBird, this species has never been reported in Island County before.

Location: NAS Whidbey

Date and time: 6/28/20 1 pm

Comment submitted Jun 28, 2020

Reporter's name: RUTH SCRIVNER

Sighting Description: roughly 200 Common Merganser in transitional plumage I will send one picture but have more if you request. Our Bird-list lists these as rare in the summer. Hope this may help with the next list. I am having difficulties sending pictures on this form.

Location: Dugualla Bay west side and north of Dike Road.

Date and time: June 28 9am

Photo Title: common merganser in transitional plumage

Comment submitted Jun 28, 2020

Reporter's name: Vincent Ho

Sighting Description: A pair of Band- tailed Pigeon appeared at feeder

Location: South of Dugualla State Park along Green Road

Date and time: June 11 2020 at 5 pm and they returned on 6/12

Photo Title: Band-tailed Pigeon

Comment submitted Jun 15, 2020

Reporter's name: Libby Hayward

Sighting Description: Great Egret among many Great Blue Heron in Deer Lagoon! 40+ American White Pelicans on the estuary side too.....

Location: Deer Lagoon, northeast end of the west dike trail.

Date and time: 6/13/2020 8:40AM

Photo Title: 06132020 Great Egret

Comment submitted Jun 13, 2020

Reporter's name: George E Heleker

Sighting Description: Out at the lagoon this morning, and every time I counted the American White Pelicans, there were more. About a half hour before I left, I counted between 90 and 94 several times, but it was not an exact count because some of the birds were too close together.
Then 8 birds flew over toward the Deer Lagoon sign and started feeding. Gradually, over about 20 minutes, the rest of them flew over to that location in small groups making an accurate count possible. The count was 98, which is more than were reported at any point last year. The previous three years, they had topped out at 200+ at the lagoon.
Not only were there smaller numbers last year, but they didn't feed much at the marsh as they had in the past. Instead, they often headed out to the bay or to parts unknown. Was there a lack of fish in the marsh? Today they fed off and on in the marsh in fairly large groups. Right before I left, about 75 of them circled high up into the sky, and most of that group made its way north and out of sight.

Location: Deer Lagoon

Date and time: a.m. hours of June 8, 2020

Comment submitted Jun 8, 2020

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Wilson's Warbler Fledgling

-- Deb Stewart

Trumpeter Swan

-- Deb Stewart

common merganser

-- Ruth Scrivner

-- Mary Jo Adams

common merganser in transitional plumage


Band-tailed Pigeon

-- Vincent Ho

American Pelicans

-- Jo Clancy

06132020 Great Egret

-- Libby Hayward

Black Billed Magpie on Anacortes Beach

-- Susan Queller

-- Lee Tarsitano

Common Merganser

-- Vincent Ho

Grey Bald Eagle

-- Nancy Kappes

Blue-winged teal

-- Mary Jo Adams

-- Jennifer Hickey

05292020 American White Pelicans

-- Libby Hayward

Western Wood Pewee

-- Albert Rose

Western Tanager feeding on native Salmonberry

-- George Heleker

-- Robert and Traci York

-- Dave Krause

05152020 American White Pelicans

-- Libby Hayward

Western Tanager

-- anthony zoars

Evening Grosbeaks

-- George Heleker

Evening Grosbeak 5/8/2020

-- Marianne Burr

Evening Grosbeak

-- Paul & Stephanie Neis

Partridge May 10 2020

-- Pamela Daener

Snowy Plover

-- Carlos Andersen

Snowy Plover

-- Carlos Andersen

Lazuli Bunting

-- Mosa Neis

-- Mary Jo Adams

Barred Owl close and low

-- Patrick Adams

Cassin's Vireo

-- Carlos Andersen

Greater White-Fronted Geese

-- Jann Ledbetter

-- Linda Griesbach

Swainson's Thrush

-- Carla Corin


-- Tony Zoars


-- Tony Zoars


-- Tony Zoars

Black Headed Grosbeak

-- Tony Zoars

Lapland Longspur

-- Carlos Andersen