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Unusual Bird Sightings and Special Points of Interest
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Reporter's name: Dyanne Sheldon

Sighting Description: A flock of 100-150 gulls circling overhead (high overhead), likely Mew gulls based on their nearly totally white tail/body/wings....with black wing tips with bright white "windows" underneath at the wingtips.
Caught my attention because of the shear number of birds, the high kettling flight of the flock, and their total silence....Looking at on-line resources I might assume they were post-breeding birds moving down from the north. VERY FEW juveniles; estimated over 95% of the flock were clearly not gray-phase juvies. Never seen this number at this time of year before.

Location: South Whidbey, over Cultus Bay Rd and French Rd

Date and time: 4:30 pm, Wednesday.

Above comment submitted Jul 27, 2016

Reporter's name: Kathy Fritts

Sighting Description: Immature redbreasted sapsucker. Only have seen adults on rare occasions.

Location: Freeland at home birdfeeder. East Harbor

Date and time: 7-25-16 9am

Above comment submitted Jul 26, 2016

Reporter's name: Leckey Harrison

Sighting Description: Male Western Tanager and Black Headed Grosbeak on feeder in Langley. Have seen the female Grosbeak around. I know both are uncommon here, according to the list. I have seen the female Grosbeak here at other feeders, so I presume nesting nearby.

Location: 5th Street, Langley

Date and time: 7/26/16, approximately 8:15 AM

Above comment submitted Jul 26, 2016

Reporter's name: George and Lynne Jensen

Sighting Description: We also saw a dead Rhinocerous auklet washed up on the beach to the north of the Keystone ferry inlet, not far around the corner from the campground. Adult size, orange colored beak. So sad to learn that this is a larger phenomenon in this area.

Location: Beach north of the Keystone ferry inlet, just around the corner from the campground.

Date and time: Saturday, July 23rd, 2016, sometime in the afternoon. Tide was low.

Above comment submitted Jul 26, 2016

Reporter's name: Sarah Schmidt

Sighting Description: Sharing a report about ongoing die-off of Rhinoceros Auklets in our area.

Email from Julia Parrish, UW -- Executive Director, COASST

Subject: Re: dead auklets on beach lately

"There is indeed a die-off of rhinoceros auklets happening in the strait this summer. the short story is:
1. started in May
2. continues through present
3. we don't know what's killing them, but believe it is not lack of food
"There are folks throughout the science and resource management communities working on this issue, including COASST."

COASST is interested in all anecdotal information, as well as recruiting additional volunteers into the COASST surveys. If you encounter beached Rhinoceros Auklets, report your observations to: coasst@uw.edu

Location: Coastal beaches

Date and time: July 25, 2016

Above comment submitted Jul 25, 2016

Reporter's name: Patty blouin

Sighting Description: Backyard noticed two Anna's interacting and realizes one white. Grabbed phone got a quick pic to realize has pink beak so albino

Location: Off whales run in coupeville

Date and time: July 23, 3 p.m.

Above comment submitted Jul 24, 2016

Reporter's name: Steve Ellis

Sighting Description: I saw a light morph adult Parasitic Jaeger while scoping from the old gun battery closest to the Ft Casey Lighthouse this evening. It was twisting and turning but flying rapidly west.
Lots of other birds around: Heerman's & Bonaparte's Gulls; Rhinocerous Auklets; Common Murre; Double-crested Cormorants.

Location: Ft Casey State Park

Date and time: 7/22/2016 6:15pm

Above comment submitted Jul 22, 2016

Reporter's name: Darwin Wile

Sighting Description: shorebirds in Deer Lagoon this afternoon include 2 least and western sandpipers, semi-palmated plovers, greater yellowlegs, and numerous black-bellied plovers

Location: Deer Lagoon

Date and time: 7/22/16; 4:30 pm

Above comment submitted Jul 22, 2016

Reporter's name: Craig & Joy Johnson

Sighting Description: I noticed a White-throated Sparrow foraging in our front yard this morning.
Posting a photo to the WAS site.

Location: Freeland

Confirmation: Photo will be posted

Date and time: July 22, 2016 10:00am

Above comment submitted Jul 22, 2016

Reporter's name: Libby Hayward

Sighting Description: A group of eight White pelicans seen from the south end of Deer Lagoon Road / entry to the west dike trail.

Location: entry to west dike trail, south end of Deer Lagoon Road

Date and time: 7/21/2016, 8:00AM

Above comment submitted Jul 21, 2016

Reporter's name: Brooks Allen

Sighting Description: About 20 Semipalmated Plovers and numerous Western and Least Sandpipers in a flooded field south of Coupeville on the road to the Keystone Ferry. Marsh Street/Engle Road. Migration has begun! Also, 4 female Hooded Merganser in one of the ponds between the beach and the road east of the Keystone Ferry, Hwy 20. White Pelicans still at Deer Lagoon.

Location: Coupeville, Crockett Lake, Deer Lagoon.

Date and time: July 18' 7:00PM

Above comment submitted Jul 19, 2016

Reporter's name: Reiner Giesler

Sighting Description: Red-breasted sapsucker at the parking lot at Lone lake.

At least five dead rhinoceous auklets at the shore at ebey landing. One came up on the shore while we were standing there and it did not look very healthy. Dont know if this happens regularly with the auklets here but not observed anything similar back home in Sweden.

Nice info on birdings spots on your home page, very helpful for a visitor from abroad

reiner Giesler Umea, Sweden

Location: Lone lake and ebey landing

Date and time: 17 July after noon

Above comment submitted Jul 17, 2016

Reporter's name: Ann D.

Sighting Description: Hooded merganser, female

Location: Greenbank Farm pond

Date and time: July 15, 2016 @ 3 p.m.

Above comment submitted Jul 15, 2016

Reporter's name: George Heleker

Sighting Description: I was at the lagoon yesterday and counted approximately 140 American White Pelicans. It is difficult to get an exact count, even when all the birds are standing. I was quite surprised given that on Sunday the 10th, I only saw three and figured I might have been seeing the last of them. Today I went back with the hope that I could get a more accurate count. Fortunately, after a couple hours, the birds started flying to a different location in many small groups of two up to 35. Each group flew straight to the next spot, making an accurate count easy. After about 30 minutes they had all moved, and I had counted exactly 180 birds!

Location: West side of Deer Lagoon

Date and time: 11:00

Above comment submitted Jul 14, 2016

Reporter's name: Barbara Paul

Sighting Description: Numbers of Pelicans in Deer Lagoon is up again.The smallish batch that has been there for a while has increased to around 50.

Location: Deer Lagoon

Confirmation: WCC

Date and time: 11July, 2pm

Above comment submitted Jul 11, 2016

Reporter's name: Dave Parent photo pic1468366016_zpsfijw0ktn.jpg

Sighting Description: I euthanized a paralyzed juvenile Yellow shafted (intergrade?)Northern Flicker today.

Location: Woodard Rd, Freeland

Date and time: 7/11/16

Above comment submitted Jul 11, 2016

Reporter's name: Dave Parent

Sighting Description: Cassin's Vireo persistently singing for three hours from the evergreen trees.

Location: Greenbrier Ln, Langley

Date and time: 7/10/16 2pm

Above comment submitted Jul 11, 2016

Reporter's name: Dave Parent

Sighting Description: Late report; Single Black Swift flying over the bluff overlooking Saratoga Passage

Location: Greenbrier Ln, Langley

Date and time: 7/9/2016

Above comment submitted Jul 11, 2016

Reporter's name: Darwin Wile

Sighting Description: solitary brant among flock of terns and gulls; mentioned because brants are designated "rare" in the summer on the Whidbey check list

Location: entrance to Deer Lagoon near end of Shore Avenue

Date and time: 7/9/16; 7:20 am

Above comment submitted Jul 9, 2016

Reporter's name: Ruth Richards

Sighting Description: Two Black Swifts over Ewing Marsh - 9:45 am

Location: Ewing Road

Date and time: July 8 - 9.45

Above comment submitted Jul 8, 2016

Reporter's name: Lloyd Kiff

Sighting Description: We had an adult Golden-crowned Sparrow at our feeders near Possession Point yesterday morning. The bird was in post-breeding plumage with a much reduced area of yellow on its crown. Although golden-crowns breed as far south as SW B.C., this seems to be an anomalous summer record here on Whidbey. I would be interested in hearing of other summer observations of this species at lkiff2@msn.com.

Location: Nr. Possession Pt.

Date and time: 0900 on 4 July 2016

Above comment submitted Jul 5, 2016

Reporter's name: Linda Bainbridge

Sighting Description: A flock of thirty American White Pelicans flying in a V-formation over my house. More thrilling than fireworks!

Location: On Towhee Lane off Honeymoon Bay Road, not far from Honeymoon Lake

Date and time: July 4 around 2 pm

Above comment submitted Jul 4, 2016

Reporter's name: Darwin Wile

Sighting Description: flock of about 50 western sandpipers moving about Deer Lagoon

Location: Soundview Drive above Deer Lagoon

Date and time: 7/1/16, 7:00 pm

Above comment submitted Jul 1, 2016

Reporter's name: George/Sara Gray

Sighting Description: 6 buzzards circling at intersection of Zilstra Rd and Arnold Rd. They were moving down island along Rt. 20. Last seen over the entrance to the Kettles. A couple of them came down low over the car but we only got one picture.

Location: The intersection of Zilstra Rd. and Arnold Rd. off Rt. 20.

Date and time: June 30, 2016 at 3:54 pm

Above comment submitted Jun 30, 2016

Reporter's name: Darwin Wile

Sighting Description: Wednesday evening there were 50+ pelicans near the west dike of Deer Lagoon. About 30 of them were on a sand bar---no visible bands. Also about 30 peeps were foraging near the pelicans--could not identify them for certain. First time I've seen shorebirds near Deer Lagoon (other than a few kildeer) in the past few weeks.

Location: West dike, Deer Lagoon

Date and time: 6/29; 5:00 pm

Above comment submitted Jun 30, 2016

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