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Unusual Bird Sightings and Special Points of Interest
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Reporter's name: Judy Bishop

Sighting Description: A Downy Woodpecker minus red ~ Instead has bright yellow around top of bill and bright yellow tail feathers. They come to feed on our suet.

Location: In woods north of Coupeville toward Ebey's Landig

Date and time: Pretty much all winter when temperature is very cold.

Photo Title: Yellow tail Downy

Comment submitted Feb 21, 2019

Reporter's name: darwin Wile

Sighting Description: 2 trumpeter swans foraging among a multitude of ducks

Location: tidal area of Deer Lagoon

Date and time: 2/5/19, 4:30 pm

Comment submitted Feb 5, 2019

Reporter's name: Paul Neis

Sighting Description: A leucistic Bald Eagle was spotted yesterday by the WAS Birding Class, on our field trip to Samish Flats, with Joe Sheldon. I was lucky enough to get photos of him flying with a normal bird, for comparison.

Location: Samish Flats, east 90.

Date and time: 1/19/19, 12:00 PM

Comment submitted Jan 20, 2019

Reporter's name: Rob and Traci York

Sighting Description: At 9:55 am while walking along the NE portion of the Pratt Loop trail, adjacent to the barbed wire fence line in Coupeville, we counted 65 yes,, sixty-five Killdeer! They were in the area that has a crop coming out of the soil about 2 in. We have never seen more than a few Killdeer at any one time here on Whidbey until today.

Location: Pratt Loop Trail

Date and time: 13 January 9:55am

Comment submitted Jan 13, 2019

Reporter's name: Dave Parent, Joe Sheldon

Sighting Description: Just a "keep your eyes open" post!
Christmas Bird Count - I got a distant scope view of a very large, heavy bodied, blue-grey falcon flying low to the ground, powerful slowish wing beats. I saw the face for a split second and it had faint mustaches. The rest of the sighting was a back view. This bird flushed and then chased a flock of 26 Cackling Geese. As the geese frantically flapped, the falcon kept up the steady, powerful flight. The wingspan of the falcon was longer than the cacklers. The hunt was unsuccessful and the falcon peeled off and out of sight. My first impression was Gyrfalcon, a bird I have seen on numerous occasions. I am still about 90% confident it is a Gyr. Maybe someone out there can confirm!

Location: The large farm field bordered by Mutiny Bay Rd, HWY 525, Cameron and Bush Point Roads.

Date and time: December 29, 3pm

Comment submitted Jan 2, 2019

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Birding in the Neighborhoods - Weekly Field Trips

South Whidbey
The trips are every other Thursday and the meeting time varies with the season. If you would like to be notified of the events, contact Cathi Bower (email) .

North Whidbey
The trips are on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. If you wish to be notified of the events, contact Marcia Lazoff (email) .

Friday, March 15: Field Trip
Deception Pass State Park
Cornet Bay and Hoypus Point is an old growth forest. This is a half day trip with carpools from Freeland Park and Ride - 7:45 am, Coupeville Park and Ride - 8:15 am. All vehicles must show a Discover Pass. Trip leaders – Steve and Susan Bennett – 360-672-1334.

Wednesday, March 20: Field Trip
Semiahmoo spit and Birch Bay State Parks
Semiahmoo Spit in Blaine is renowned for seabirds and shorebirds. The long, sandy spit gives us a chance to look at protected Drayton Harbor and also out toward Canada, a mile away. We will bird down the spit to the Semiahmoo Resort, then back along the coast to Birch Bay, where we can bird along the shore and also through the woods at the park. Bring your lunch, this will be an all-day trip. Carpools form at Coupeville Prairie Station Transit Park, 201 South Main Street (behind medical building), or meet at the Park and Ride on Route 20 just north of Ault Field Road in Oak Harbor at 8:20. Trip leader is Kim Shepard (email) 360-720-1711.

Saturday, April 13: Field Trip
PSE Wind Farm
Leader: Linda Dwight

Tuesday, April 23: Field Trip
Semiahmoo spit and Birch Bay State Parks
Leaders: Robin Llewellyn and Sharon Gauthier

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Yellow tail Downy

-- Judy Bishop

Leucistic Bald Eagle, Photo #2

-- Paul Neis

Hutton's Vireo?

-- Debbie Stoetzel

Possession Point Black Scoters

-- George Heleker

Flicker, Yellow-shafted

-- Jann Ledbetter

Deer Lagoon Snow Bunting

-- George Heleker

Deer Lagoon Barred Owl

-- George Heleker

Fir Island

-- Michael