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Unusual Bird Sightings and Special Points of Interest
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Reporter's name: Carla Corin

Sighting Description: Chipping Sparrow at Pacific Rim Institute, moving between the parking area and the fenced orchard/garden plot. Listed as rare on Whidbey list, though there seem to be annualsightings at this location.

Location: Pacific Rim Institute, Coupeville

Date and time: Nov. 15, 1 p.m.

Comment submitted Nov 15, 2018

Reporter's name: Nancy Van Wormer

Sighting Description: A Wilson's Snipe appeared on my side lawn dipping his long bill repeatedly into the lawn obviously eating something delicious. Being from the midwest I immediately thought it was a Woodcock but got out the trusty bird books to discover it was a Wilsons or Common Snipe. I took a video.

Location: On the bluff of Deer Lagoon

Date and time: 7:45 in the morning of December 9.

Comment submitted Nov 14, 2018

Reporter's name: Jann Ledbetter

Sighting Description: This Yellow-shafted Flicker was seen with a flock of 7-8 Red-shafted Northern Flickers that have been coming to my yard regularly.

Location: Coupeville (not far from downtown)

Confirmation: While red-shafted Flickers are quite common, I'm learning that the yellow-shafted is somewhat rare. This one has the brown face, black malar and red nape crescent, as well as the yellow shafts that seem to indicate it is a pure yellow-shafted Flicker, and not an intergrade.

Date and time: 11/12/18 a.m.

Photo Title: Flicker, Yellow-shafted

Comment submitted Nov 13, 2018

Reporter's name: Darwin Wile

Sighting Description: Walking the west dike - 3 male + 2 female redheads (not canvasbacks) remarkable in that they are listed as rare on the Whidbey check list; at least 4 male Eurasian wigeons; a peregrine kept the ducks moving and the dunlins murmurating; didn't find George's snow bunting.

Location: Deer Lagoon, west dike

Date and time: 11/11/18; 2:30pm

Comment submitted Nov 11, 2018

Reporter's name: Marie Shaw

Sighting Description: Three trumpeter swans flying over northeast over Crockett Lake at 9:30 this morning.

Location: Crockett Lake

Date and time: 11/11/2018 9:30 am

Comment submitted Nov 11, 2018

Reporter's name: George Heleker

Sighting Description: Snow Bunting found at the lagoon area on the beach between the lagoon and the bay, moving in and out of vegetation and driftwood and foraging on the sand. I saw one in the same area on March 6, 2018.
An American White Pelican continues to hang out at the lagoon and the adjacent marsh.
A Northern Shrike is still hunting in the area, first reported on 10/12/2018.
A Sora continues. It called today for about 10 seconds. Likely the same bird that was first reported on 10/4/2018 and by several other observers since.
Six Snow geese again for this observer on the marsh side of the lagoon area. There have been 1- 70 reported here this fall since 10/21/2018.

Location: Deer Lagoon

Date and time: 11/10/2018. During bird walk from 8:33-2:08

Photo Title: Deer Lagoon Snow Bunting

Comment submitted Nov 10, 2018

Reporter's name: Kellee Roberti

Sighting Description: Male ring neck pheasant seen on our property Tuesday afternoon and this morning foraging in our horse pastures.

Location: Near the north end of pintail road

Date and time: 11/8/18 at 7:30 am

Comment submitted Nov 8, 2018

Reporter's name: David Parent

Sighting Description: Two Snow Geese one adult, one juvenile. The adult has a left leg lameness. Both foraging normally.

Location: On the fairway near Dunlap Drive, Holmes Harbor Golf Course

Date and time: 11/5/18 1:45 pm

Comment submitted Nov 5, 2018

Reporter's name: Sue Minger

Sighting Description: A duck with a redhead and large black stripe running laterally over face and eye area. It was by itself. Duck was mallard size. I'm an experienced birder and I could not identify it.

Location: Deer Lagoon--one of the ponds.

Date and time: 11/02/18 1 pm

Comment submitted Nov 2, 2018

Reporter's name: Martha Hollis

Sighting Description: A flock of 35 Snow Geese on Ebey's Prairie Ebey's Landing Road across from Willow Wood Farm.
First time I've ever seen them on our island.

Location: Ebey's Landing Road, about 1/4 miles from the beach

Date and time: 10-31-18 approximately 3:00 pm.

Comment submitted Oct 31, 2018

Reporter's name: Sego Jackson

Sighting Description: Northern Shrike perched on top of very long bamboo pole in garden (about 15 feet up.) First time I've seen on our property. I see there was a sighting in Maxwelton area last week.

Location: Midvale Road

Date and time: Oct. 29, 2018. 10:45 am

Comment submitted Oct 29, 2018

Reporter's name: Joe K Sheldon

Sighting Description: Large numbers of waterfowl including five Greater White-fronted Geese, one Snow Goose, 20 Cackling Geese, 100+ Canada Geese, 100+ of both Mallards and Northern Pintail, and two Gadwall. The birds were foraging in the farm field.

Location: Immediately north of Cook Road on Ebey's Prairie, Coupeville.

Date and time: 28 October 2018, 4 PM.

Comment submitted Oct 28, 2018

Reporter's name: DAVID PARENT

Sighting Description: Flock of 23 Snow Geese flying south. One Juvenile.

Location: Over Saratoga Passage at the end of Greenbrier Ln, Langley.

Date and time: 10/21/2018 2pm

Comment submitted Oct 22, 2018

Reporter's name: Sarah Schmidt

Sighting Description: Yellow-billed Loon from the Port Townsend ferry. Seen by Bill Rick and Sarah Schmidt. Boat-shaped, all yellow bill.

Date and time: October 21, 9:00 AM

Addendum: Bill and I again saw a(the?) Yellow-billed Loon from the Port Townsend to Coupeville ferry this afternoon at 3:40 PM. I imagine likely the same individual as this morning. Both sightings were of an adult mostly still in breeding plumage, with all-dark head. This second sighting was at much greater distance, but the large yellow bill shone bright in the sunlight!
Location: Port Townsend ferry, about mid channel. Fog obscured land views for orientation.

Comment submitted Oct 21, 2018

Reporter's name: Cathi Bower and Kathy Obersinner

Sighting Description: Northern Shrike perched among robins and cedar waxwings in berried shrubbery. It repeatedly flew to the ground and back up to the brush. At one point we thought it had gone after a bird, but the smaller birds like chickadees were keeping their distance.
Not particularly unusual, but first of the season here, and seems a bit early.

Location: Maxwelton Valley across from Midvale

Date and time: October 15 5 p.m.

Comment submitted Oct 16, 2018

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